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11/27/2023 | Immediate Hire

Corporate Safety Manager

  • Pay - Commensurate With Experience
  • Full Time
  • Springfield, OH

The Safety Manager develops safety training material and coordinates safety activities for plant employees.

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Job Responsibilities


Facilitate and oversee safety at all 3 plants for all 3 shifts

Content Generation

Develop and maintain safety training material as needed.

Safety Program Management

Assure programs are up-to-date (eg: forklift training, SDS, etc.).

Constant Improvement

Discuss and recommend safety improvements with management.


Establish a training program to improve the working knowledge of associates assigned in these departments. Monitor and determine the effectiveness of plant training programs and direct changes to enhance the working knowledge of all plant employees

Safety Teaching

Conduct forklift and crane training including classroom and OJT.


Ensure safety training is provided to employees based on established training requirements.

New Hire Orientation

Complete safety orientation for new associates, and other related new-hire paperwork.

Workers' Comp Claims

Manage BWC claims, and implement corrective action in collaboration with Plant Supervisors/Managers, as needed.

Collaborate with HR

Distribute documentation to Human Resources as procedure dictates.

Enforce Accountability

Ensure departmental expectations are provided to our associates, monitored for compliance, and hold employees accountable for their results.

Plant Tours

Assist with facility tours and presentations to outside groups as needed.

Organize Meetings

Chair monthly Safety Committee Meetings.

Crisis Management

Respond to safety incidents, and assist in investigation including any required documentation.


Other ancillary items as assigned.

Job Requirements


High School diploma or GED strongly preferred.


Steel-toed shoes, ear plugs, and safety glasses required while performing duties in production areas.


Minimum 5 years of manufacturing experience strongly preferred.


Experience filing BWC claims


OSHA 40 certification


Public Speaking

Additional Job Details

About McGregor

McGregor Metalworking takes great pride in its employees and is recognized in the communities we operate to be highly responsible citizens. Our culture is one that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit which continually leads to growth opportunities in our organization. We have an award-winning "Pay-For-Skills" training program that is NIMS accredited that allows you to earn more and take on more responsibility as we train you in the metal working trades.

Work Environment

Work will be performed intermittently in production and an office environment. Travel to other McGregor facilities may be required.

Physical Demands

Requires intermittent standing, sitting, bending, lifting, stooping, and stretching throughout an eight (8) hour day. Use of office equipment such as computer terminals and keyboards, telephones, facsimiles, and copiers. Normal hearing, speech, and vision range required.

Whether you partner with McGregor for a career, you can expect the following experience:

First Name First

First Name First

We recognize that every individual matters and brings value to our company. Interactions are genuine and always begin with a “Person first, problem second” mindset.

 WIT (Whatever it Takes)

WIT (Whatever it Takes)

We’re willing to do whatever it takes to honor our commitment to our customers and care for our employees.

Three I’s - Important Information Immediately

Three I’s - Important Information Immediately

No message is too hard or too soon; tackling problems head on doesn’t scare us.

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We Are One

As One McGregor, we are committed to a team culture that honors our employees, our customers, and our community. We share a mission, responsibility, and resources freely.

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