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May 10th, 2023 | Immediate Hire

Engineering Tech - 3rd Shift

  • Pay - Up to $28/hr+ additional $2/hr for 3rd shift
  • Full Time
  • Springfield, OH

Support Production and Engineering by troubleshooting production equipment and developing permanent corrective actions to production problems. Assist Engineering and Sales in estimating machine cycle times and weld fixture costs. Assist Quality Department in root cause analysis for quality issues. Fill in for Weld Technicians as needed. Monitor weld repair rates and initiate improvement projects to improve weld quality.

Job Responsibilities

Develop Techniques

Develop welding techniques, procedures, and applications for welding equipment to produce products requiring the joining of fabricated metal components.

Design Review

Participate and actively contribute in engineering design reviews for new welded products and welding equipment/fixtures.

Establish Procedure

Establish welding procedures to guide production and welding personnel.


Train personnel in performing inspections to ensure compliance with established welding procedures, standards, and in testing welds for compliance with requirements.

Production Staging

Create equipment setup procedures and train new personnel on proper setup.

Data Crunching

Conceive processes for welding new products, determine manufacturing capabilities, and prepare process data and costs for fixtures/equipment for use in customer quotations.


Collaborate with Quality Assurance in developing systems, policies, and procedures to support ISO/QS requirements, in developing and implementing procedures for destructive/non-destructive evaluation of welds, and in resolving quality related issues on weld fixtures, equipment and processes.

Technical Assistance

Provides technical assistance to production associates.

Problem Solving

Set up, troubleshoot, complete production of difficult jobs, train associates, and operate production equipment throughout area of responsibility.

Improve Efficiency

Standardize procedures to improve efficiency of production associates.

Setup Equipment

Set up jobs and fixtures in robot and resistance weld equipment and troubleshoot weld processes.

Program Robots

Program robots for new jobs and adjust current programs as needed.

Seek Improvement

Assist with continuous improvement, program for fixtures and processes.


Perform basic maintenance and electrical repair on production equipment as required.

Safety Guidance

Assist with safety initiatives. Incorporate safety requirements into process/equipment designs.


Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements


Associates Degree in Engineering Technology or equivalent work experience


Experience with Yaskawa/Motoman. Previous experience in an industrial manufacturing environment preferred.


Proven track record of improving production processes and solving quality issues.


Steel-toed shoes and safety glasses required while performing duties in production areas.


Maintain organized schedules and filing.

Data Entry

Computer literacy required. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Plex Software.

Project Management

Ability to work in a fast-paced, Automotive Production Environment and manage multiple projects and deadlines.

Additional Job Details

About McGregor

McGregor Metalworking takes great pride in its employees and is recognized in the communities we operate to be highly responsible citizens. Our culture is one that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit which continually leads to growth opportunities in our organization. We have an award-winning "Pay-For-Skills" training program that is NIMS accredited that allows you to earn more and take on more responsibility as we train you in the metal working trades.

Work Environment

Work is primarily performed in an office environment and on the production floor.

Physical Demands

Requires the use of office equipment, such as computer terminals and keyboards, telephones, printers, facsimiles, and copiers. Requires good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. Requires normal vision, hearing, and speech range. Must be able to lift up to 25 pounds throughout an 8-hour day. Prolonged standing, lifting stooping, bending, and stretching.

Whether you partner with McGregor for a career, you can expect the following experience:

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First Name First

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WIT (Whatever it Takes)

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Three I’s - Important Information Immediately

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We Are One

As One McGregor, we are committed to a team culture that honors our employees, our customers, and our community. We share a mission, responsibility, and resources freely.

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