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Let us take over your problem.

If there’s one thing we’re known for, it’s our ability to step in on any project and deliver the job, with little to no time lost. And always,our takeover projects deliver a better end result than the previous supplier.

Why McGregor?

Because you need us

It’s an open secret that in our industry, a job started doesn’t always mean a job finished. Other firms’ capabilities and capacities change like the seasons, and we’ve built a name for ourselves as the people you call when you need someone to step in to finish the job.

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Loss of Capability

McGregor shines the brightest in emergent supply situations. Our bread and butter is taking over jobs when companies lose the ability to produce effectively. We’ve got this.

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Supplier Challenges

Have a supplier that just isn't cutting it? We’re pros at stepping in to get jobs back on track and high-quality restored to the end product.

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Lack of Capacity

Whatever the reason, capacity challenges derail many jobs, often leaving you with urgent need for a new maker. That’s where we come in.

Takeover Inquiry?

Click below and lets takeover the world, but start with your project first.